Your Treatment Options for Dry Eyes

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology®, roughly 1.68 million men and 3.2 million women over the age of 50 suffer from dry eyes, a condition which becomes more prevalent with age. The causes are numerous, from allergies to autoimmune diseases, such as Sjögren’s syndrome. If you suffer from this all-too-common condition, our compassionate optometrists, Mital Patel, OD, Mark Machen, OD, and Ashley Swalla, OD, at Classic Vision Care in Kennesaw and Marietta, Georgia, can help.

Open your eyes

Your tears are a mix of oils, water, mucus, infection-fighting proteins and antibodies. If you’ve experienced dry, red or itchy eyes for a while, it’s time to discuss the condition with Dr. Patel and her team. We identify causal factors and offer treatment. Dry eyes may be caused by:

Other factors, including smoke, air pollution, and low humidity can also increase dry eyes. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Patel and our knowledgeable optometrists to discover specific causes and treatments.

Uncover the best solution

We help you tear up in a variety of ways, from artificial tears to anti-inflammatory medications. Treatments for dry eyes include:

You can also help at home by holding a warm washcloth over your eyes for a few minutes, then rinsing with cool water. Lubricate with eye ointments or drops. Consult our team for additional suggestions. Alternative treatments, such as acupuncture and consuming foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, including wild salmon and flaxseed, may also help.

Convenient help for dry eyes and beyond

Signs of dry eyes include reduced, and sometimes increased, tear production, as well as burning, red, itchy eyes, blurred vision, and more. Dry eyes can lead to corneal abrasions and even lasting vision impairment over time. We test your eyes to measure tear output and quality, and specific markers for dry eye disease. When an underlying medical condition is the root cause, we pinpoint that, as well.

If you’re suffering from dry, itchy eyes or simply wish to schedule your yearly exam to foresee any potential problems, help is merely a click or phone call away. Simply call us or book an appointment online with Classic Vision Care today. 

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