Sunglasses can be an important part of an individual’s eye care. In some parts of the country, bright sunlight can be a constant problem, with glare that impacts driving and other tasks. Constant sunlight can also cause problems with vision and eye health, over time. Classic Vision Care offers a variety of sunglass types and styles to ensure you are ready for outdoor activities throughout the year.


Sunglasses Are Not Just For Brightness

Most people think that sunglasses are only for shading the eyes in bright sunlight in order to see more clearly, but sunglasses do much more than this. Sunglasses help to block damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun that can damage the sensitive tissues of the eyes, which can lead to eye diseases. Usually, your eyelids and cornea help to filter this UV light, but over time, their ability to do so fades and damage can occur. Cataracts, eyelid cancer, macular degeneration and corneal sunburns can be prevented by regular use of good quality sunglasses.

Sunglass Types

The best type of sunglasses should provide full coverage of the eyes, and should extend slightly around the face to provide side protection. Individuals often use their sunglasses as part of their outfit and their “style,” so you should also choose a frame that expresses your personality.

At Classic Vision Care, we offer a wide range of sunglass styles. You can choose from a variety of name brands to help you look stylish while providing high-quality protection against UV rays from the sun. If you wear prescription sunglasses, we can provide a broad range of brand name frames, including Kate Spade, Ray-Ban, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Bahama and Vera Bradley.

Polarized or Non-Polarized

Most sunglasses have non-polarized lenses, which provide a normal amount of filtering of light, but you may require polarization for some activities. Polarized lenses have a special filter that blocks intense reflected light. This type of sunglass lens is often preferred by boaters and fisherman because it allows them to see under the water through the reflected sunlight. Your Kennesaw optometrist can advise you if polarized lenses are advisable for your outdoor activities.

Photochromatic Lenses

Lenses that darken when the individual is out in bright sunlight but lighten when the individual goes indoors are called photochromatic lenses. These lenses can be a good choice for people who work outdoors but frequently come inside buildings for various tasks.

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