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Contact lens exams at Classic Vision Care’s Kennesaw offices and two Marietta, Georgia, locations are carefully customized for your specific needs. The expert optometric doctors perform a comprehensive exam and refraction test to determine the right contact lenses for you, even if you’re hard-to-fit because of presbyopia or other eye problems. Use the online booking tool or call the office located nearest you today.

Contact Lens Exams

Do I need a special contact lens exam to get contacts?

Yes. Even if you’re currently wearing glasses and want to try contacts, you need a special contact lens exam.

Your Classic Vision Care optometrist can add a contact lens exam to your regular comprehensive eye exam if you want to try contacts or want to alternate your current eyeglasses with contact lenses.

What happens during a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam is different than a standard eyeglasses exam because the eye doctor takes an additional set of measurements.

In addition to testing different lens strengths to find out which one helps you see best, your optometrist may measure some or all of the following to determine what type of lenses you need.


Your eye doctor uses keratometry, a test that measures your corneal curvature, to determine the shape of your cornea. If you have astigmatism, your corneas have an oval shape instead of a round one, and this means you may need a special type of contact lenses called torics.

Corneal topography

Your Classic Vision Care eye doctor may perform a corneal topography test to map your corneal surface. It’s a more in-depth measurement of your corneas than keratometry, so it can help you get the most exact contact lens fit possible.

Pupil measurements

Your eye doctor may perform manual and/or automated tests to measure your pupil. A pupil measurement helps your eye doctor make sure your new contacts are properly centered over your eyes.

Tear film evaluation

Your eye doctor checks your tear film to determine whether you have enough healthy tears for standard contact lenses. If you experience dry eyes, that doesn’t prevent you from wearing contact lenses, thanks to special dry-eye lenses.

Your eye doctor might also check your eyes while you’re wearing a trial pair of lenses to evaluate fit and how your eyes respond to contacts.

How do I choose the right contact lenses?

Your Classic Vision Care eye doctor recommends specific lenses for you at the end of your contact lens exam.

You might have several options, for example, daily disposable lenses versus weekly or monthly ones. Your eye doctor can help you determine the best choice based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

The Classic Vision Care team offers highly customized contact lens exams to make sure you get the perfect lenses for you. Book an appointment online or by phone today.




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