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If your eyes are red, swollen, painful, or leaking, there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing an eye infection. Left untreated, eye infections could grow severe enough to cause vision loss. It’s important to see the optometry specialists at Classic Vision Care, with a location in Kennesaw Georgia and two others in Marietta, Georgia, as soon as possible. The dedicated team promptly identifies the problem and treats your infection to help your eyes feel better fast. Book an appointment through the online tool or by calling the location nearest you now.

Eye Infections Q & A

What is an eye infection?

An eye infection is a condition in which dangerous bacteria, viruses, or fungi get into your eyes or eyelids. Eye infections can affect any part of your eye, but they’re most common in the cornea — the cover of your eye — and the conjunctiva, the eyelid lining.

What are the different types of eye infections?

Eye infections are generally categorized as bacterial, viral, or fungal.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial eye infections often develop when you touch something contaminated and then rub your eye. You can also get bacterial eye infections from contact with someone who’s infected. Sometimes, an infection like acute sinusitis could spread from your nose to your eyes.

Viral infections

Viral eye infections are very contagious. Usually, viral eye infections develop after airborne exposure, so you could develop a viral eye infection from the coughing or sneezing of someone with this type of infection. A viral eye infection can also start with a serious cold or the flu.

Fungal infections

Fungal eye infections are quite rare. They can occur when a contaminated object, for example, a tree branch, injures your eye.

You can also develop an eye infection because of eye issues caused by severe allergies.

What are the signs my eye is infected?

The signs of an eye infection often include:

  • Eye pain
  • Itchy eyes
  • Swollen eyes
  • Hot-feeling eyes
  • Pink or red eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Eye discharge
  • Blurry vision
  • Eyelid bump (stye)

If you wear contact lenses, you could experience serious discomfort when trying to insert or remove your lenses.

What is the best treatment for eye infections?

Your Classic Vision Care eye doctor prescribes treatment based on the specific infection. Some infections, for example, pink eye, can be either viral or bacterial so your optometrist customizes care based on infection type.

Bacterial infection treatments

Eye drops or topical ointments are often the first line of bacterial infection treatment. For severe infections, your optometrist might also prescribe oral antibiotics.

Viral infection treatments

Treatment focuses on symptom management because antibiotics aren’t effective for viral infection.

Fungal infection treatments

If you experience a rare fungal infection, you likely have experienced a traumatic eye injury. Your Classic Vision Care eye doctor may refer you to a specialist for advanced care.

The Classic Vision Care optometrists are experts in eye infection treatment, and they’ll prescribe the most effective treatment for you.

Get eye infection relief by calling the Classic Vision Care office nearest you or using the online booking tool now.




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