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Classic Vision Care and Our Kennesaw GA Eye Doctor

You experience the world through your sight. Every moment you remember is from what you visually take in. However, vision problems will cause you to miss vital details in those momentous events. At Classic Vision Care, serving Kennesaw GA and the surrounding area, we offer the area everything from eye exams to designer frames near Marietta GA to contact lenses and standard eyeglasses to treatment for eye conditions. We genuinely want you to intake every moment in your life you can as clearly as you can.

Who We Are

Classic Vision Care supplies the area with an option to optimize vision and eye health. Our facility has the latest technology, so we ensure the results of your examination are accurate. We've proven our superior service since 1983 when we first opened our doors. We strive to provide our patients with compassion, education and the highest level of care possible.

Donate a Pair and Get $50 Off!

Kennesaw, GA Optometrist

Working with MUST Ministries, we are offering $50 off your next frame and lens package if you donate your old pair of frames! Some exclusions apply. Click here or give us a call at (770) 499-2020 to learn more!

Services We Supply

Our optometrist gives patients thorough examinations. We help pair patients with a prescription for eyeglasses in Kennesaw. Our inventory of designer frames near Marietta, GA allow our patients to correct their vision in style. We even conduct contact lenses examinations that fit your eyes comfortably, so you can see clearly without the discomfort of ill-fitting contact lenses. We'll match you with prescription sunglasses as well.

During your examination, we detect refractive errors such as astigmatism, which is an issue where the eye are misshapen, which results in light not shining on the eye properly. We'll screen you for conditions like glaucoma, an issue that occurs from damage to the ocular nerve. We'll examine you for cataracts, a condition that happens due to a heightened level of pressure in the eye and causes issues with the area of the eye that transmits images to the eye. We'll test you for macular degeneration and other similar issues as well. In addition to treating the problem, we monitor it continuously and devise the ideal examination schedule to ensure your vision remains clear and your eyes remain healthy for years to come.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff treats each patient as a unique individual. Each member helps the patient to find the ideal contacts or eyeglasses in Kennesaw to fit their needs, budget and style while still keeping comfort in mind. We take the time to answer questions and correct your vision as well as the health of your eyes. Dr. Mital Patel has been practicing for several years and utilizes years of experience and education to give patients an experience unlike what you'd ever expect from an eye doctor.

At Classic Vision Care, serving Kennesaw, Marietta, Woodstock, Acworth, and Dallas, GA we give you the classic eye care experience with one important upgrade–the latest technology. Schedule an appointment with our optometrist by calling 770-499-2020 today.

It’s All About How We Treat YouKennesaw, GA optometrist office

We provide the latest and greatest in ocular and visual technology. We are located in Kennesaw, near the heart of Marietta, and have long been recognized as leaders in patient care. Since we started in 1983, our optometrists have offered the highest standards of quality care in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Our staff offers a full range of options to meet your eye care needs for both adults and children. Our optometrists provide yearly comprehensive examinations, diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases, contact lens fitting, and prescription glasses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are concerned about your general eye health, LASIK screening, hard-to-fit contact lenses, or treatment for cataracts. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Mital Patel
Kennesaw Optometrist | Classic Vision Care | (770) 499-2020
1615 Ridenour Blvd NW #201
Kennesaw, GA 30152

  • "Awesome customer service!!!!!!! My eye situation was explained throughly. This was my 1st visit, will definitely return next year. Dr. Carman, lady @ front desk, and the lady who helped me with my glasses were extremely kind, patient, and helpful. They are the BEST!!!!!!"
    Andrea J.
  • "I will never change where I get my eyes examined. They are always professional. The atomosphere is always relaxing. There is never a wait time."
    Marquita C.
  • "I will not use any other vision care other than classic vision care. the employees are always very nice and professional. Both doctors take time to get to know me and how my vision effects my work. I won't ever go anywhere else."
    Ashton H.
  • "If you aren't smiling when you leave its your fault. You could not find nicer people or better service. Plus all of your options are explained professionally without pressure and if you don't under stand what was said they are pleased to cover the info again. I was in a service type business for many years and always dreamed of having a staff as pleasant and professional."
    Edward C.
  • "The people at Classic Vision are great. They are professional, they explain everything they do, and they are extremely kind! My whole family goes there, and we would not go anywhere else."
    Robert S.
  • "I was having a problem in one of my eyes and walked in. Everyone was so polite and courteous. I was able to be seen promptly and was given a prescription that helped instantly! Would definitely recommend this office for eye care needs!!!"
    Brittany B.
  • "My first visit to Classic Vision was an excellent experience. I will definitely be back here for my future vision needs. When I had questions, the optometrist and staff across the board were very helpful and enthusiastic in helping me make informed choices."
    Crystal M.
  • "I have had to pleasure of being a patient of Dr Carmen for nearly 30 years, and trust him completely with my eye care. In that time, I've needed surgery for a detached retina's which Dr Carmen identified, and saw to it I had immediate (same day)care by an excellent surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone and know they would be receiving the best care around."
    Anne F.

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