Reinvent Your Look In The New Year With New Designer Eyewear

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Do you find yourself looking in the mirror, wanting to revitalize your style but feeling lost about how to do so? Many men and women choose to join a gym or change out their wardrobe, but they’re missing the power of making a very simple change: Reinvent your look and get a fresh perspective with new designer eyewear

Frame any situation in the right light and context, and you get a whole new take on the subject. Accessorize your eyes with frames in a fun color, striking shape, or unique print. A pair of designer statement frames makes you stand out as well as a statement jacket or necklace does. At Classic Vision Care, we have the perfect eyewear to reinvent your style for the new year while maintaining your classic vibe.

Three classic eyewear styles

First, consider yourself. What is your personality like? What do you prefer to wear out when you do your shopping versus heading to the office or out on a date?

What is timeless and classic about your look and true to your personal vibe? Here are three classic eyewear styles that may translate to your everyday vibe.

1. Minimalist and fresh

Are you a fan of capsule wardrobes and comfy basics that carry you from day to night to Netflix? For a timeless, minimalist and fresh look, stand out with glasses featuring unique elements.

Try a stylish print. Look for a vintage cat’s-eye frame that will highlight your effortless look. Or choose a minimalist statement frame to open your eyes and freshen your look.

2. Chic and edgy

Does your wardrobe contain edgier elements? If you love a pair of leather boots or a vintage leather jacket, turn to oversized frames to up the dimension of a more chic, street-inspired style.

Choose a lighter color for your oversized frames to add power to your overall look, or select embellishments in the frames that remind you of a historic Gothic cathedral.

3. Textured and graphic

Are you’re more of a fan of a classic button-down, graphic prints, and textured textiles? Style a checkered blouse or suede pants with graphic tortoiseshell frames. And don’t be afraid to select a patterned frame. You were meant to stand out.

These three classic styles should bring out the classic you, enhancing your vibe, style, and personality with a fresh perspective.

Sunglasses style

That style advice also extends beyond your everyday eyewear. Consider your sunglasses and sports eyewear.

Bright sunlight affects your driving and other activities. When out in the sun, your sunglasses should provide full coverage for your eyes and enhance your outfit and personality.

At Classic Vision Care, we can help you select polarized lenses to help protect your eyes from harsh, reflected light or photochromatic lenses that darken or lighten depending on the environment you’re in and the type of work you’re doing — in style.

Designer sunglasses add that extra oomph and confidence as you go about your activities. Classic Vision Care carries Kate Spade, Ray-Ban, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Bahama, and Vera Bradley brands.

Select frames for your face shape

If you flashback to memories of your first pair of glasses, chances are the frames didn’t match your face shape. Different cuts and fashion-favorites of various eras fit different body types best, and the same goes for frames and faces. Certain frames go best with certain face shapes.

Oval face shapes are classic, but look for balance. Frames should be as wide as or wider than your face.

Similarly, with a square face, frames wider than your face bring balance to the proportions. For more of a rectangular face, select frames with a decorative temple, wider shape, and longer lenses.

Frames that are wider than they are long flatter round faces. Angles add interest to the face.

Diamond-shaped faces work best with rounded or straight frames that expand the forehead and jaw while minimizing the cheekbones and temples. Inverted triangle faces stand out with rimless eyewear or light colors, while unique colors and top-heavy eyewear with rimless bottoms soften the lines of the face.

From your everyday vibe to your face shape, different aspects affect which pair of glasses enhance the inner you. Changing up your look for the new year can be as simple as changing the glasses you wear.


Book a consultation with us at Classic Vision Care to find the best eyewear to suit your needs and add oomph to your style.

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